The Basics of Rummy

The group of card games known as rummy share similarities in gameplay and strategy. The basic aim of the game is to collect matching cards of the same rank, sequence, and suit. In addition, the objective is to build melds or sets. The aims of each meld are different, but they all have common elements. […]


Is Gambling an Addiction?

The first step towards identifying gambling addiction is to understand what exactly constitutes an addiction. Gambling addiction includes a pattern of behavior that is not entirely rational. For example, an addicted person may lie to conceal their gambling activities, engage in illegal activities, and engage in multiple forms of cheating. The same can be said […]


Warning Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Besides the psychological impact, gambling has also negative physical and social repercussions. Gambling addiction is considered an impulse control disorder. Problem gambling is unhealthy for psychological health, as it can cause physical problems such as gastrointestinal disorders and migraine. Additionally, it can lead to despondency and depression. Attempts at suicide may also occur. It is […]


A Guide On Football betting

Football betting has been growing over the years with more punters looking to try and win some money on football bets. Many of us are visiting UK casinos not on gamstop like these here to place all kinds of bets. The sports industry is now at a record high with more of us taking […]