Exclusive Interviews With Poker Pros

Poker professionals often serve as great guides when it comes to understanding the game of poker. Here, Negreanu addresses how his approach has evolved over time to accommodate these changes and adapt accordingly.

Fans also gain an inside look into how the WSOP broadcast team orchestrates an unforgettable production for viewers.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson has seen it all. From winning ten World Series of Poker bracelets and millions in cash games, to revolutionising poker strategy with Super/System, and even being held up at gunpoint – he’s done it all. Additionally, he holds several cancer survivorship records (multiple times), was held at gunpoint during an interrogation held for gunpoint and is the first player ever to earn over one million in tournament poker winnings and is father of professional high-stakes player Todd Brunson.

PokerNews recently interviewed 13 players to get their memories and stories about The Godfather of Poker and how he had an influence in their lives and playing styles.

Dan Dwan

Tom Dwan is an engaging interviewee who discusses his journey as a player and turned poker into his full-time career. Additionally, he offers some helpful historical and strategic insight that could benefit those looking to improve their own games.

Dwan began his online poker journey with $50 and quickly amassed a multimillion-dollar bankroll from playing high stakes cash games. Later he extended his skills into live tournaments where he amassed multiple six-figure scores at high buy-in events.

Even as Dwan found success at high-stakes poker, his reputation began to take some hits. Rumors spread that he owed Daniel “Jungleman” Cates a large sum due to their famous Durrrrr Challenge cash tournament series where there was no time limit and winner-takes-all structure; Dwan had every reason to delay play for as long as possible as this strategy eventually paid off as he won it all.

Mike Sexton

Drew Gonzalez of ACR Poker knows all too well the difficulty associated with becoming a top pro poker player. After taking the leap and turning his hobby into his profession, he had to change casts and restart in order to arrive where he is today.

He discusses the value of learning while playing and explains that players who fail to make use of this opportunity are wasting their time. Elliot Roe was instrumental in providing him with the mental skills required for success in poker.

Mike Sexton was an award-winning World Poker Tour commentator who was well known as an advocate of poker throughout his lifetime, serving on four WPT final tables and being honored with 39th person to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame for both his achievements on the felt as well as lifelong stewardship of it. Linda Johnson from Linda Johnson Poker announced his death via Twitter; cancer spread rapidly throughout his body leading him into hospice care last month despite entering hospice care voluntarily last month. Linda Johnson of Linda Johnson Poker Hall of Fame announced Mike Sexton passed away due to prostate cancer spread to other organs last month despite hospice care being initiated by Johnson as she tweeting Linda Johnson who tweeted Linda Johnson that Mike entered hospice care last month after the cancer spread to other organs. Linda Johnson tweeted Linda Johnson said Mike entered hospice care last month after cancer spread to other organs. Mike Sexton became known as Ambassador of Poker due to his longtime promotion of poker game through four WPT final table wins and induction into Poker Hall of Fame 2008. Induction took place that same year; Mike received both for accomplishments on the felt as well as lifelong stewardship of poker game since 2008.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is one of the most iconic names in poker. A 2007 inductee into the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame, Hellmuth holds 17 WSOP bracelets – more than any player before him in history!

Hellmuth set out at the 2021 World Series of Poker looking to expand his record-setting collection with another bracelet and was victorious in a $2,500 no-limit 2-7 Lowball event, winning his record-extending 16th.

He won two events totaling $734,807; first being a $10,000 dealer’s choice event and secondly in the $50,000 pot-limit Omaha high roller for an additional total of $758,754.

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