Learning how to turn concentrates into e liquids can be quite trying for one who has no iota of knowledge about the subtle skills and the high level of concentration needed in doing this.

First off, concentration isn’t just one item. They are a group of products made from cannabis plants that have been treated to keep only the needed plant compounds (basically just the terpenes and cannabinoids) while removing extraneous materials and plant matters.

There are different concentrates products available and they range from Kief or sift, Hash, Rosin, Live Resin, Shatter Wax, Crumble Wax, Honeycomb Wax, Budder or Badder, Pull and Snap, Tinctures, THC Oil, BHO & CO2 Extract Oil, Rick Simpson Oil, Distillates, Isolates & Crystralines, and so many others.

Now you know the different concentrates products available. The next step is to decide the particular product you would prefer to use to turn to e liquids. Depends on your preference, but in this article, I’ll be taking you on the step by step processes of turning concentrates to e liquid.

The first thing to do is to acquire your ingredients and the necessary instruments needed. The following is a list of ingredients and instruments that are needed to turn concentrates to e liquid.

  • 1gram of concentrate( wax/shatter, whichever one you want to use.)
  • Two Syringes (with a blunt tip)
  • Latex glove
  • Drop bottle
  • Glass vile
  • PG/VG liquid
  • Stove/Microwave
  • Cartridges

Now that you have acquired or now know the ingredients/ instruments needed for turning of concentrates to e liquids, the following are the step by step processes and instructions simply explained.

  1. The first step is to wear your latex gloves( safety comes first!). After doing this, add ½ gram of concentrates using one of the syringes with the blunt tip into the glass vile.
  1. The next step is to add your drops into your concentrate. (Make sure to add 15drops at a time, until you feel you have the right consistency) but, for the amount of concentrate that is being used, 50drops would be ideal.
  1. Heat the contents of the glass vile on a stove and let it heat for approximately 2minutes. ( Make sure it’s not too thick or too thin. If it’s too thick, put it back on the stove until you have the right consistency)  Now, your e liquid is ready for vaping. But, this is not the last stage in the process of turning concentrates to e liquid.
  1. The next step is actually extracting your now freshly made e liquid from the glass vial with your syringe to your cartridge. After doing this, there’ll definitely be enough e-liquid left to fill another cartridge( for future use).
  1. The last step is attaching the filled cartridge to your favorite vaporizer, lay back, take a deep breath, exhale,  and enjoy!

But then, you might be asking yourself why you should vape instead of smoking as they’re pretty much the same thing (inhaling and exhaling smoke). Well, this is not true. Vaping and smoking are nowhere near the same thing. This is why here, we will be looking at the benefits of vaping.

  • It lasts longer: Unlike your stereotypical cigarettes and rolled up weed, the vape is known to last and sustain you throughout the day. All you need to do is charge your vape’s battery and do well to always refill your ejuice for your pleasure and relaxation. 
  • Pocket-friendly: Vaping is less expensive than smoking, meaning you don’t have to spend your life savings to satisfy your craving. There are even vaping products that cost as low as $10.
  • There is no noxious odor: One of the disadvantages of smoking is that there is an offensive odor that comes with it, and sticks to the smoker. While Vaping has no noxious odor, instead it comes with aromas of different flavors that it offers.
  • It’s more healthy: According to research, vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. As e liquids do not contain combustion, tar, and ash like smoking. There’s also the benefit of not having the health problems smokers are liable to have.

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