Know the best tips to win a game of poker

Poker is one of the most abundantly played card games throughout the entire world. It is played at casinos, parties, get together and can be played anytime. Being quite tricky and interesting, this game is everyone’s favorite. Being a tricky game plus gambling money on it could be a bit problematic for the players, so the following points are provided to help the players take a grasp on the game more proficiently. 

Fewer hands should be played, but in aggressive nature – Playing too many hands is like calling the trouble towards self. Even the best players in the world there is a limit on how many starting hands can be played before the flop. Patience is the key to this game, so to develop a perfect pre-flop strategy is the easiest way to ensure victory. To create a strategy is quite easy, but the trouble occurs when you’ve to stay fixed on your plan. You must not get tempted to play an unnecessary hand. You must also deal with each hand confidently, as it disguises your true strength, thus forcing the opponents to miscalculate your movements. This would surely aid you in winning the game easily. 

You should never limp first – Limping should be avoided at any cost. It can easily ruin your game. By limping you can never win the hand by the amount with which you could’ve won in if you just raised the hand, and also it allows the other players to sneak up on you. Limping is okay only and only when anyone else has limped first. This allows you with an opportunity to get great pots. 

Bluffing is an art and it should be done aggressively – Bluffing is an essential part of poker. Bluffs should be made confidently and efficiently, but unnecessary and ineffective bluffing can cause heavy damage. So, it is advised that you should always bluff confidently in a controlled manner. The best way to control your bluff is to let you’re your hand do the trick. Always rely on your hand when it is time to bluff. You should think before you bluff because an inefficient bluff can be easily identified by your opponents. 

You should control the speed of the game – Controlling the speed of the game has nothing to do with finishing the game early, but to either fast-play or slow-play your strong hand to win the pot easily and make money. To play-fast or play-slow has confused the minds of players for a long time thus costing them the game, but in reality, it is the easiest decision to make in the entire game. The rule is simple, charge on with courage, i.e. if you feel that you have a relatively strong hand you should always play-fast, else, play-slow. Sometimes uncertainty engulfs a player. It shrouds one’s mind and disrupts the decision. To avoid such a scenario you should always just bet on that hand. It is simply playing safe for that hand. 

You should always defend your big blind – Big blinds are very important. It works like a discount ticket by giving you better pot odds. Defending a big blind depends on a few factors like the number of players, the position of the raiser, size of the raise and the stack size. By observing these factors you should be easily able to defend the big blind. 

You should always fold if you are unsure –There is nothing great in being overconfident. If you are having doubts on your abilities you should always fold your hand without risking it. This will avoid inevitable loss. 

Always stay observant on your opponent’s hand – You should always keep a close eye on your opponent’s move and wait for the perfect time to strike. One of your opponents shows any signs of weakness, strike fast and hard. This ensures an easy win. This should be performed with utmost care. 

You should play early in tournaments –You can think about survival later, but for now, you must play a solid hand. Stack prevention must be done when the game is at the middle age, but you should always play fast and play hard in the initial stages of the game. 

You should play poker if and only if you feel like playing – Like any other form of the game poker can be quite addictive, so you should keep in mind about other aspects before engaging in a game. 

You should only participate in good games – There is no shame in admitting that you should always play in a group where you are the best. It is just the easiest way to ensure your win. You should play practice sets with stronger opponents to improve your game, but the real game should be played against the weaker ones to ensure victory.

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