The 6 Best Slots Games to play during Eurovision 2019

Wacky outfits, budget-blowing pyrotechnic displays and ear-piercing high notes make the Eurovision Song Contest a bit like marmite: you either love it, or you hate it.

The 64th edition of this bizarre singing competition kicks off on Tuesday 14th May. Over 200 million of us are expected to tune in and watch as singers from 41 countries compete for the iconic glass microphone live from the Expo Tel Aviv, Israel.

Last year brought us an array of weird but wonderful delights, from Estonian singer Elina Nechayeva’s €65,000 projection dress to the Israeli song entry peppered with chicken noises. No doubt the world is excited to see what this year’s Eurovision will bring.

Whilst the performers are busy warming up their vocal cords and prepping their routines, why not get yourself Eurovision ready playing music-themed slot games online?

There are plenty to choose from at online casino sites like Find slots inspired by legendary rocks bands like Guns N Roses and Motorhead, as well as slots based around world-famous musicals like Grease and Phantom of the Opera. For more details, check out the guide to the 6 best music-inspired slots below.

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