Types of Bets You Can Try Online

Betting has evolved over the years into something way more attractive and rewarding than the traditional formats of yesteryears.  Whether you are looking at staking a few bucks on football teams using a regular bookmaker site or trying becoming the biggest winner of the best online casino, you can be sure that there are dozens of betting types you can choose.

You might want to know why you need to know about all the types of betting options out there. Right? The truth is: the more options you discover, the smarter you bet. The smarter you bet, the more likely you are to win good money. From football betting to casino holdem poker, let’s look at some of the most popular types of bets.

Types of Bets

They include the following:

Single Bets

This is pretty self-explanatory. In this type of bet, the punter chooses just one team or player or option, and put his money on that option only. Single bets are a very good way to learn the ropes if you are just starting out with sports betting. This is majorly because the risk is very low in single bets; arguably lowest.

You would only lose your money if your prediction does not come to pass for that single bet. In comparison to multiple bets, one incorrect predictions ruins it all even if the 5, 10, X other predictions were correct.

It is also super easy to calculate your wins in the case of single bets. Just multiply the amount staked by the odds and you have your potential winnings staring you in the eye. That said, the low-level risk involve is what makes it most interesting.

Head to Head

When you hear or read head-to-head, think about the Win-Draw-Lose concept. Ordinarily, head-to-head between two teams illustrate how they have fare in their last few encounters. Who won? Who lost? Was it a tie?

But in this case, you are allowed to choose one out of three possible outcomes. You will chose what specific team wins the match or if it’s going to be a draw.

Totals (Over/Under)

In this type of betting, the punter predicts whether the total number of specific actions/outcomes during the match will be over or under a specific number. These actions or outcomes could be the total number of goal scored, free kicks taken, corner kicks taken, penalty kicks taken, yellow cards issued, red cards, fouls and so on.

The Over/Under options can be varied. For instance, we could look at number of goals by both teams in first half; by either team in one or both or specific halves etc. The punters job isto predict whether the given action will be over or under a certain figure. 


In a handicap form of betting, certain advantages are given to a team – which is usually the stronger one. When it looks almost certain that a dominate team is going to bulldoze a weaker team, bookmakers can create options where you can choose what number of goals or points with which the superior team will win with.


This is the opposite of single bet. Here, the punter places a bet which contains several single bets. One incorrect prediction ruins everything in the slip.


Here, the punter places a bet with two predictions.


Here, the punter makes three predictions in one bet. It is also known as Trixie


This combines three different kinds of selections which involve seven bets. That means one treble, three doubles and three singles.


Eleven bets from four selections make up this type of bet. They include two must win option (which ensures return on stake amount), four trebles, six doubles, one four fold,


If you are able to predict the first half a dozen winners of a particular racecourse on any given ay, you have won the jackpot. Hence, will receive a share of the pool for that day. And there are many more types of bets for each sport and for each platform. That will be another blog post for another day.

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