Ways to Beat your Opponent in Rummy Game

One of the most popular card games has to be rummy. It is not only easy to master, but also a fun game to play with your near and dear ones, and also to pass time online. But, for a newbie, the game can be a little overwhelming because rummy is played with 13 cards. So, these trips and tricks can help you beat your opponent and also master the game very soon. What are they? Keep reading to know more.

Learn The Game Well 

Rummy is extremely simple. But always be clear with the rules. The first step is to have a pure sequence. You need a minimum 3-card pure sequence, which means it must be without a joker. However, in a few instances, it is required that you produce a 3-card and a 4-card sequence to proceed. So, take a look at the rules carefully. Otherwise basically, you need a pure and an impure or pure sequence of 3 cards.

London or Tunnelas are also considered to be a pure sequence. A London is a 3-card sequence, where cards of the same number and symbol are used. For instance, three 6s of spades. Finally, a rummy can also contain sets, which means three cards of the same number but different symbols. However, a set is only valid if you have your two pure and impure/pure sequences in order. These make up the basic rummy rules. Now that you have understood them, let’s move on to ways to beat your opponent in a rummy game.

Watch What Your Opponents Throw

One of the tricks season players use is that they closely watch what their opponents discard. Why? Because you cannot throw away something your opponent wants as that can lead to them winning the game sooner. So, keep a close eye. Always check the discard section if you have forgotten about the cards they threw. For instance, if you see your opponent throw 5 spades and next you see your opponent throw 7 spades. Then you know he is not interested in the cards that are nearly associated with that sequence, such as 4, 5, 6, or 8.

Know What They Pick 

This is a tricky part because it means you need to remember all the cards that your opponent picks up from the open deck. For instance, if your opponent picks up 10 diamonds, it means you must not throw the cards associated with 10 right away, which includes 9, Jack, or even Queen or 8 of diamonds.

Cards Close To The Joker 

One of the classic tricks used by rummy players is that they first discard cards that are close to the joker. Why? Because Joker is a game-changing card. So, no players like to turn Joker into a pure sequence. However, use this trick at the beginning of the game. After 2 rounds or so, players generally get their hands on a pure sequence and throwing cards closer to the Joker then will make no difference because by then they will be on the hunt for an impure sequence. Always make use of this strategy wisely.

High Point Cards As Bait 

Once the game begins, arrange your cards in the correct order and start throwing high point cards. Now, this can also serve as a bait. How? Now, let’s say, you throw out Q, but your opponent picks it up. This means, he just formed a pure sequence with Q. It can be A, K, Q or J, Q K or 10, J, Q. Or at least he hopes to form a sequence in that order and is waiting for you to throw another high point card. So, keep the related cards with you until you notice your opponent throw out the Q or do it after a couple of rounds. Also, if you have another similar Q, you can throw it out reducing the chances of your opponent winning sooner as he already has a Q.

Come Up With Your Tricks 

Most of us use common rummy game tricks while playing the game. However, to stay ahead, you need to think of something out-of-the-box. Come up with your tricks. Even a poker face can work very well. There are other things you can do too. For instance, if you have 2 similar cards. Keep them as the chances are high that your opponent might need it.

Make Correct Calculations

For instance, you are probably waiting for one card from a long time for your pure sequence. Let’s say, you have a 4 and a 5 and you are waiting for either 3 or 6. But you see that two 6s have already been discarded. So, at times like these, you must change your strategy and move on to the next cards because if you keep holding on to them, you might lose. In rummy, you must have quick reflexes.

Don’t Hesitate To Drop

When you drop your cards in the first rounds, you gain 20 points. And, it is a good deal when you have been dealt with a bad hand. If you think the chances of you winning or even reducing your points are bleak then drop your cards and save your points.

Apply Basic Mathematics 

To win a game of rummy, use basic mathematical calculations. For instance, let’s say you are playing against a single opponent. You know each of you is dealt with 13 cards each, 26 cards are left in the closed deck. So, if you have 2 Queens, you can assume your opponent has a maximum of two Queens, while the rest are in a deck.

So, these are a few ways in which you can beat your opponent in a rummy game. Give them a try for a winning streak.

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