Debunking Myths for Online Casinos

Different forms of gambling and casinos in particular have always been filled with different myths by those who have lost in the past or are looking for shortcuts to win – since online casinos have become popular, the same has become true for these services too but perhaps with many even doubling down as many of the systems are much more hidden than traditional casinos. So, what are some of the biggest myths behind online casinos and is there any truth to them?

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Online casinos are less random – A common myth for all casinos is that the scales are always tipped a little one way, and this has become a growing concern for players looking to move to online platforms as the systems remain much more obscure, but the opposite is actually true. It has been shown that online casinos are actually much more random than offline options, classic games for cards for example rely on more decks in the boot which shuffle randomly with each hand, online slots use trusted RNG (random number generator) software similar to what is found in physical machines. There’s also plenty of information available to see where regulation places randomness, so you can check for yourself where your odds are.

You can only play on regional services – This is one that has been popping up in recent months particularly as changes have come to the online gambling market for players in some countries as those in the likes of the UK have had to measure changes with initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing services available, but with many others popping up like these US casinos for UK players, it shows there are alternatives available and you’re not only required to play on services in your country. Whilst there are some that have laws about advertising and online gambling access as a whole, so long as you are allowed to gamble online, you’re able to access sites from all over the world.

You can’t win bonuses through online casinos – One of the bigger draws for many online casinos is within the big bonuses they offer for new players and returning players, but there are growing suggestions that many won’t actually follow the bonuses that they offer. Whilst it’s true there are a few services out there that operate in a grey area, legitimate services will always honour their bonuses as the regulation they’re subscribed to require it. Some may be a little harder to win, but that is just the nature of these bonuses – and it’s certainly in the interest of these online casinos to ensure that they do offer fair and obtainable bonuses to all players to ensure potential customers don’t look elsewhere.

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