Why is Online Poker Faster?

When compared to a land-based card room, the poker room of an online casino is capable of hosting more games. The average number of hands played in an online poker room is between 45 to 50 per hour. Such is physically impossible in a land-based casino, even with the biggest ones on the planet.

Despite the slow and sometimes unstable Internet connection that can slow down or cause delay in the poker game, the online player will still find that playing online is infinitely faster. This is because many of the tasks that are routinely done are carried out automatically. And such saves time for both the player and the online casino. Here are several specific examples.

The shuffling of cards by the dealer in a land-based casino will take time. Some dealers like to shuffle the cards a lot of times in order to assure randomness in the sequence of the cards. And when the player does this, the poker players are patiently waiting. In an online poker game, however, the shuffling of the cards is done in a matter of seconds. The poker player will also know that the sequence of the cards is completely at random since that is how the software was programmed.

The issuing of chips will also take time in a land-based casino. The dealer will have to carefully count the money and the chips so that every transaction will be completely accurate. With online poker, such counting and issuing of chips are done automatically. All that a player has to do is to enter the amount that he intends to use for the poker game. While searching on the internet you can check the best casino websites for online poker games.

During the showdown, the determination of the winning hand will also take time. The dealer will have to ceremoniously look at the pocket cards of the remaining players of the last betting round and combine them with the community cards (if the poker game is Texas Hold’em). Then, the dealer declares the winner. In online poker, nothing like this will happen since the poker software, right after the hand, can automatically detect which player has won.

Once the winner is identified, the awarding of the pots will take time. In online poker, this may also take time, but not as long as in land-based casinos. However, if the poker player is playing with real money, then getting the pot in terms of cash will certainly take time. But during such an event, the poker player will certainly have the patience to wait much longer. Due to the speed of online poker games, the player will have to develop skills that can never be tapped nor honed in land-based casinos. The online poker player had to be extra alert when his turn comes up. And he should make a decision immediately because some poker software automatically registers a bet of all-in for online players that do not respond in 30 seconds.

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