Slot Regulations and Laws Across The World

All countries have different attitudes towards gambling. These can be influenced by religion and political ideologies. Whatever the reasoning, countries are free to set their own gambling laws as they see fit to do so. Some are very strict whilst others share relaxed attitudes to this form of entertainment. Countries with the strictest gambling laws such as communist and Islamic countries discourage their citizens from participating in any forms of gambling, by making gambling illegal. This can be a risky approach as all it does is drive gambling underground where it cannot be regulated. 

Differences Around The World 

European countries tend to have a more relaxed view towards games at Thor Slots. The French are pioneers to many a gambling game so it comes as no surprise that their laws regarding slots and online casinos, are some of the most relaxed on the planet. This has allowed gambling and casinos to flourish across the country. Ireland is similar to France with a relaxed attitude, but this is because they have some outdated gambling laws that simply cannot be applied to the digital world we now live in. What this has done is allow slots and casinos sites to operate freely without any licensing or regulations. This can be a double-edged sword for a nation that is famous for loving all forms of gambling. 

In the UK gambling is now highly regulated and all slots sites have to meet set criteria if they want a license to operate in the country. This was not always the case, but the sheer popularity of online gambling meant that the public was dealing with unlicensed and unregulated casinos that made their own rules. This led to many disputes and the creation of the UK Gambling Commission. The Blair years eased regulations on gambling considerably and this has only fuelled its popularity. However, the present government has introduced new laws to limit the maximum bet that can be placed on fixed odds betting terminals and they have also made gambling with credit cards illegal too. 

The Need For Some Control 

Nobody doubts that gambling needs some sort of controls and laws applied to it, as aspects of gambling can prove problematic within society. However, outright bans do not work and getting it right is a fine balancing act. Throughout history, many countries have banned gambling outright, including the USA. This has only opened the door to opportunist criminal gangs. 

Countries Where Gambling Is Outlawed 

Qatar will be hosting the next football World Cup, but gambling on the event when you are there is impossible as all forms of gambling including slots, is against the law. Qatar is the strictest of all countries when it comes to anti gambling laws. Other countries where gambling is illegal include North Korea, Cambodia and China. However, the 1996 Suppression Of Gambling Act does not apply to tourists in Cambodia and China is home to Macau, the biggest gambling resort on the planet that welcomes gambling tourists from across the globe.

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