David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

Introducing: David Luiz, BC.GAME’s New Ambassador

Brazilian football player David Luiz is now BC.GAME‘s ambassador is set to help promote the crypto casino’s brand through social media and live-streaming platforms. The goal for this fresh collaboration between the said brand and the said ambassador is to engage with the existing community consistently. Inviting audiences to come on board is another aim for the two partners.

Who Is David Luiz: A Brief Description

David Luiz hails from Diadema, Brazil. His real name is David Luiz Marinho. As a member of the Flamengo Rowing Club in Rio de Janeiro, He has been exposed to many sports and physical activities. What has stuck with him is the sport of football. In the said sport, Luiz is mainly a center-back but takes on the roles of a defensive midfielder and full-back.

He was named LPFP Primeira Liga Player of the Year during the 2009-2010 season of the said league. He was part of the winning team that played for the FIFA Club World Cup Silver Ball in 2012. He has a FIFA confederations cup title under his belt as well. He earned 2 FA cups from 2011-2012 and 2017-2018, respectively.

The Influence of David Luiz for BC.GAME

As Brazil’s most sought player and one of the most prominent athletes in their country, Luiz’s influence can help in making BC.GAME and their crypto casino venture have more exposure and publicity. He can make a huge fan base and community across Brazil. Luiz will connect with fans and players through social media and the streaming platform Twitch.

The team making up BC.GAME is confident that David Luiz’s influence will enable them to speak through each individual and push them to join their crypto casino gaming venture. His credibility attached to his name will strongly resonate with the viewers and fellow gamers interested in switching to the brand Luiz represents, BC.GAME. Media activities, interactive live-streaming, and a few gaming and entertainment streams are the plans set by the brand for Luiz to enable them to capture the attention and interest of their audience and to introduce them to BC.GAME’s crypto casino.

BC.GAME: A General Information About Their Brand

The recent winner of the ‘Crypto Casino Of The Year 2022″ Sigma Awards. BC.GAME is licensed as a crypto casino platform with various casino games, sports betting events, and live casinos. They have collaborated with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Cloud9. It has integrated blockchain technology into its platform and has revolutionized the said industries.

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